Wow… it’s, um. Been a long time.

Right, let’s see. Quick catch-up on the past two years.

Got married. Bought a house. Still not published, but have had several agents nibble at my query letter for Greencloak (4 requests for partials, 1 request for a full).  Got a new puppy! (He is a rescue dog and the most adorable little bundle of energy in the world.) Traveled to Japan, London, and Scotland, and drove across the USA three times (once for work to CA and I flew back, once to CA with my best friend on a ghost-hunting road trip, and once back). Went to WorldCon 2014 and 2015. Beta’d and gamma’d a bunch of Sanderson’s books. Made a bunch of cosplays, wrote another book, and worked as a seasonal set construction worker for two years. Currently I am making fire performance props, which is just about the coolest job title ever (but really only means I sit at home and tie a lot of knots with kevlar rope).

I think that about sums it up. I’m trying to really make it a point to update this thing more than once a year. (And I promise I’m not updating now to procrastinate because I really should be working on my revisions on Crimson Intent, but I have no idea what to do with it at the moment. OK… maybe I am. Feel free to shame me.)

Currently Greencloak is out on submission to one agent (she requested a partial) and to Angry Robot and Gollancz for their open submissions. Crimson Intent is being shoved kicking and screaming through writing group, Forgotten Soldier is slooooowly being edited and sent to beta readers, and Working Title (I was calling it Words & Consequences for NaNoWriMo) is… a giant mess that I will assess at a later date.

This has been your semi-annual update. I promise I will update again soon. REALLY. I swear.

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